Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hitching, cementing and some frightening unidentifiable insect bites...

Today we finished cementing the first wall of Casa Marcos (the family house that this project will be focused on). The adobe bricks had been made and laid by previous volunteers, so my main task will be to help finish the cementing of the bricks (which seals in the adobe bricks to strengthen them and weather-proof them for the wear and tear of the harsh sun and powerful rain storms). I'm basically stucco-ing the house, which is quite relaxing and enjoyable...well compared to lugging heavy bricks up a hill.

After hitching a ride at the back of a local pick-up truck in La Esperanza(the popular transport system for volunteers and locals alike) I met up with the other volunteers at the building site, which is about 40 minutes away in Chilagatoro. Here we sealed a big chunk of the exterior wall of the house.

While attempting to do a video update from the site (where I positioned the camera on this scenic little hill), I was attacked by some vicious lil' insects (sort of my fault, as I forgot my repellant) and now have a rather large welt on my arm and some other strange looking bites covering my extremities. :(

Just after noon, the project was wrapped up for the day, as the sun was beaming down intensely and the construction projects don't run too late in the afternoon because of this. The other reason is due to the fact that most of the families and Chilagatoro rely on farming as their main source of income and food, so the later part of the day is spent tending to their crops (mainly maize and potatoes).

On route to the truck pick-up spot, me and the project co-ordinator, Mathew (who has been integral in helping me organize this entire experience) made a quick stop at this ridiculously picturesque area just off the beaten track. Here we nibbled on cheesies and nuts, while gazing upon rolling hills of crops,cows and farmers. Muy bonita. :)

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