Monday, 29 September 2008

Happy Mondays exist after all!

Today was jam-packed with heart-warming errands and activities for the community. It started bright and early when the project organizers and I met with the father of familia Marcos (the family that this building project focuses on). I managed to raise quite a bit of money from all my sponsors and much of it was used today to help buy materials to finish Casa Marcos. Sr. Marcos picked out tools (saw, sander, etc.), materials (cement, corregated tin for roofs, etc.) and other needed items for the house (door hinges, toilet basin, etc.). It felt wonderful knowing that all the money raised is going to such a kind and grateful family. And to see exactly what the money was going towards (every screw, nail and bag of cement) made the experience even more tangibly wonderful.

After the building materials shopping spree, I headed to a local grocery shop and stocked up on some serious amounts of candy for the adorable ninos and ninas that attend the local charity funded daycare centre (Infa Centre). We then headed to the centre, loaded them onto a pick-up truck and brought them to this nearby picturesque laguna. Here is where the pinata picnic took place. :) The other volunteers came as well and we loaded up the pinata with the tasty treats for the kiddies to knock down. It's amazing how much strength can come out of a tiny lil' child when candy is involved...hee. The kids (and volunteers!) had a blast!

And to finish off my fabulous Monday, I had a lovely dinner with my host family in which I taught one of the daughters how to cure her hiccups - drink a sip of water with your head down from the opposite side of the cup. I swear it works!

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