Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Attack of the mutant hybrid bat-bug...

It's hard to believe how quickly time has flown by. Today was my last full day in La Esperanza and now I'm wishing I had a few more left. I spent pretty much the entire day handing out the fabulous donated gifts given to me by many of Voltimum's partners. I dropped off goodies at familia Santos and familia Marcos and then headed to the Infa Centre where I handed out more donated gifts to the mums of all the little ninos and ninas. I also went to some of the community primary schools where I handed out donated school supplies. After taking a trillion photos (or so it seemed) and seeing plenty of smiles, I bought a gorgeous little flower arrangement for familia Meza (my homestay family). Trekking home through the mud with all of my camera equipment and a rather cumbersome pot of flowers made for an interesting journey. Thankfully I didn't slip!

Upon making it back to Casa Meza, the fam and I went to Don Will's (Meza dad) brother's house, where the entire family gathered for a fantastically scrumptious bbq. I've offically decided I am a huge fan of cilantro. The highlight of my last night would have to be when a giant bat-like insect crashed into the wall beside me and my plate and nearly fell into my lap. Being a insect fearing wimp (especially when it comes to mutant sized unidentifiable tropical insects) I screamed English profanities while running with flailing arms into the middle of the room...not one of my proudest moments. I did amuse the spectators, however. Thankfully, Don Will's brother brought the bat-like beast to an early death.

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