Thursday, 25 September 2008

Pool hall festivities and fearing foot fungus...

I am proud to say that today I hitched a ride on my own, as the project coordinator is soon heading back to his flat in Tegucigalpa (the capital city of Honduras) and the other volunteers live in different directions. I'm finally beginning to feel more comfortable speaking Spanish (albeit a very limited broken Spanish) and am understanding the language more and more every day. I've discovered the best way to learn a language is to be forced to speak/comprehend it.

Today was Dave's birthday (a fellow Canuck volunteer), which meant a dinner out, lots of "ron y coca cola" and a friendly game of pool. Sadly, pool is not one of my strongest sports...truthfully, I can't even hold the pool cue correctly, let alone hit a ball into a pocket. The group of us had a great time though, but got comepletly soaked en route home, as a torrential downpour decided to rear its ugly head. I feel like my boots and socks are continually wet...and hope I don't develop some sort of foot rot...eww. ;)

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