Sunday, 21 September 2008

The eagle has landed...

After two long plane rides and a stopover in Texas (just missed the hurricane, thank goodness) I have finally arrived in Honduras...yipee! Truthfully, I was a little bit nervous about meeting up with people I had only communicated with via email/phone in a foreign third world country, but had my fears immediately cast aside upon walking through the arrivals gate. The incredibly friendly i-to-i team were there to greet me with big smiles and open arms. We also befriended two lost Aussies who then joined us for a fabulous lunch of traditional (and tasty!) Honduran eats (aka "plato tipico")- rice, plantain, chorizo, tortilla, beef, choros and beans. Funnily, the dish reminded me of a Latin American version of an English breakfast - lots of random good food, served on one big plate.
After polishing off our generously portioned meals, we dropped off the Aussies and headed to Valle de Angeles. This is where the Honduras i-to-i HQ is. This is also where they drop off the jet-lagged volunteers to shower and rest before undertaking a long and bumpy bus journey into La Esperanza, where my project begins.

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