Friday, 11 July 2008

Look out Arnie...

I am sitting here in pain. Not a terrible life threatening pain, but rather an aching-throbbing-why-did-you-think-you-could-lift-that-much-with-scrawny-arms pain. In attempt to develop better upper body strength (as I am assuming tougher arms and abs means better building) I decided to switch up my gym routine and take on a personal training session. Session 1 was last night and I still can't walk properly, lift my arms (even typing hurts a bit!!) and laugh wholeheartedly. My trainer is pure evil disguised in a tight vest and Adidas trainers. Despite my complaining, it's a good pain for a good cause. Hopefully tomorrow won't be quite as tough on my system and by late September I will have biceps of steel...or perhaps a softer metal, like aluminium. :)

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