Monday, 23 June 2008

Spanish for Dummies...

Hola! Me llamo Frankie. Fala ingles? Tengo ganas de ir a un bar de karaoke. Donde esta el lavabo?

2 months - This is how long I have to learn the basics of Spanish. Today I took my first step towards mastering Spanish 101...I purchased "Spanish for Dummies". Okay, it might not be the most glamorous of titles, but it looks quite thorough and easy to it comes with a free CD by Berlitz (and they're supposed to be the "international leader in language instruction"). This gives me hope. Despite being somewhat traumatised by my evil Quebequois Grade 12 French teacher, I really think that with a bit of determination (and perhaps a hunky Spanish speaking tutor) I can learn enough of this beautiful language to semi-communicate with the wonderful community that is about to take me in.

Hasta luego! :)

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